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Message from Dean

    Message from Dean

    Biruni University Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences consists of Computer Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, Molecular Biology and Genetics (Turkish). Molecular Biology and Genetics (English) departments.

    With our 4-year undergraduate programs prepared according to national and international accreditation criteria, we aim to provide our students with a world renowned and competent education. We provide a teaching environment that will enable our students to think analytically, solve problems, analyze and synthesize, and reveal their creative and innovative potential by providing compulsory courses with a solid background in the fundamentals of the field they are studying, and elective courses to specialize themselves in the special fields they are interested in.

    In our faculty, we aim to nurture students in a way that will enable them to think critically, question events/problems, research and comprehend subjects they do not know, rather than merely being a means of obtaining a job or a career.

    Successful students can participate in double major programs offered in various departments of Biruni University, starting from the third semester of their education. At the same time, our university provides our students with the opportunity to study for a minor in the fields they are interested in.

    Within the scope of Erasmus programs of students, one or two semesters of education can be provided at universities in European Union countries. The equivalence of the undergraduate program courses required for this with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) has been ensured.

    Dear university candidates, I invite you to Biruni University Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences for a successful future, to be a member of the Biruni family, and to shape the “Future of Science”, the vision of our University, together, and wish you success.

    Prof. Dr. Özgür Koray Şahingöz / Dean